Kanji tattoos

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Failed tattoos : misspelled tattoos 1

Unless you're getting a temporary tattoo, it's important to double check - even triple check - things like spelling and translations. These guys, apparently, didn't know this rule :)
Now, let's start the show:

This dude things he's "too cool for scool". Well, let's say he's too stupid for school:
Failed tattoo - misspelled tattoo on the arm

This tough young fellow seems to know what he wants from life. Ok, dude, you've made your point: we'll let God to "Juge you" and we'll just laugh at you.
Failed tattoo - misspelled tattoo on the back

It's summser timme. It's timme to have somme fun... or maybe it's time to learn how to spell "summer": s-u-m-m-e-r - as you can see, it's not a difficult word.
Failed tattoo - misspelled tattoo on the upper arm

This year, forget about Puerto Rico. Let's visit "Puerto Rirco", the new attraction of South America:
Failed tattoo - misspelled tattoo: Puerto Rirco

"Swet pee?" I can't argue with her, I've never tasted pee :)
Failed tattoo - misspelled tattoo on the lower back

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A cool guy... or a bad woman?

Recently I found this image on freetattoos.net (the image's url is: http://www.freetattoos.net/designs/8890)

First, let's take a look at the picture:

kanji fails: the kanji for 'bad woman' tattooed on a man's shoulder

Well, I don't know what this dude thinks about his tattoo and why is he so proud of it because the meaning of the tattoo (悪女; reading: akujo) is "bad woman" or "wicked woman" which, let's face it, isn't exactly an appropriate tattoo for a man. But who knows, maybe he is trying to get in touch with his feminine side :)

Now, let's see what the person who uploaded the picture thinks about it:

title="Tattoo of Chinese Letters Kanji on the Back" (the description of the image is included in the Html code to share on Myspace, Blogs and other Social Networks:)

As if it weren't bad enough that the tattoo itself is pretty weird, the description is even worse:
1. The Chinese ideograms are called Hanzi and the Japanese ideograms are called Kanji. The "Chinese Letters Kanji" is a nonsense.
2. Both the Hanzi and the Kanji are ideograms, not letters (is a big difference between the two concepts)
3. The ideograms of the tattoo are Kanji, not Hanzi, because the ideogram 悪 is not used in Chinese; in Chinese we have those ideograms instead: 惡 (in the traditional Chinese) and 恶 (in the modern / simplified Chinese)