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Sunday, May 11, 2014

When a Kanji/Hanzi tattoo spokes for itself

Recently, while I was looking for some stupid tattoos to make fun of them I've found this little gem:

First of all, the tattoo is pretty ugly, but this is just a little problem. The real problem is his meaning. The owner claims that this Hanzi means "friend" or "friendship" but it's real meaning is "disgraceful" or "ugly" (俦 - "friend, mate" and 醜 - "ugly" are homophones).

Do you see the irony here? This dude went to a tattoo parlor to get a nice Hanzi Tattoo and got instead a hideous tattoo which means ugly :)) At least, this poor tattoo is a honest one. And, besides, the real beauty comes from within :))

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Yes, it's correct. But it's weird.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Yes, it's correct. But it's weird.

Recently I've found this strange Kanji/Hanzi tattoo on tattooshunt.com:

chinese / japanese writing tattoo
Kanji/Hanzi tattoo which means bottle/vase???

I don't get it. This Kanji/Hanzi (which, by the way, is properly written) means jug/vase/jar/bottle - and so on... Unlike most ideograms, this one has no secondary meaning; it simply means recipient for liquids and nothing more. So, why would anyone get such a tattoo on his body?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My tattoo-designs: the latin aphorism Carpe Diem

Hello, everyone! Since I've written a lot about butterfly-tattoos in the last 2-3 months, today I'd like to present you one of my favourite tattoo-designs. In this tattoo-design I have combined some tribal elements with the famous latin aphorism "Carpe Diem" - Seize the day (read more on this theme here and here. In the middle of the tattoo is depicted a butterfly - a symbol of both beauty and ephemerality of life (for more information on the symbolism of Butterflies read this post)

carpe diem tattoo / tribal tattoo / butterfly tattoo