Kanji tattoos

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Recommendations: the japanese artist Chooo-San

If you are looking for inspiration for a 3D tattoo or if you are searching for a crazy makeup for the Halloween-party, you you should check out this websites: http://chooosan.flavors.me/#57d/tumblr
http://www.hikarucho.com/archive (this one is in japanese, but it's quite intuitive, so you'll still be able to navigate it).

Chooo-San is a young Japanese artist who makes strange and surreal ephemeral creations with body painting. The result is both puzzling and intriguing: the eyes and mouths, or batteries that arise on the faces and bodies, transforming them into monsters thanks to acrylic paint.

Below are several of his artworks, which I realy like:

The right to choose a partner is represented by a face that shows what appears to be two men kissing.

This arm zip appears so authentic that we can almost feel the texture of those little metal teeth.

A girl with detachable head.

A man living inside someone's body.

X-ray illusion of someone lifting up his skin as you would lift up your shirt

Here the artwork highlights the right to live without sexual violence by showing a face emerging from a cracked shell, representing the emotional scars

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My tattoo-designs: I have no money, but I have dreams

Hello, everyone! In this post I'd like to present you one of my tattoo-designs: 金はないけど夢はある (reading: kane wa nai kedo yume wa aru) - is a japanese expression which means "I have no money, but I have dreams". In the first picture below you can see the original tattoo-design; in the second image you can see how it looks as a back-tattoo.

The original tattoo-design. For more Kanji-tattoo-designs visit my website, seiza.ro.

If you use any of my tattoo-designs as a model / inspiration / starting-point for a tattoo you might consider sending me some photos of the tattoo once it's complete. Thank you in advance.