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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3D tattoos: dark-art biomechanical tattoos

When it comes to a biomechanical tattoo, the cyborg tattoos and the alien-infestations tattoos are by far the most popular choices. However, it is not necessarily the case that a biomechanical tattoo contains only robotic / cyborg components and alien-like tissues and bones. In fact, there are many other themes and elements which can be integrated in a biomechanical tattoo design: reptiles, spiders, monsters, demons, etc.

Not as widespread as the cyborg tattoos or alien-infestation tattoos, the biomechanical tattoos depicting a monster inside the body of the the tattoo's wearer is still a quite widespread choice.

Without claiming to be exhaustive, this list contains the main themes of the biomech-monsters tattoos:
- zombie infestation (zombie bites, zombie transformation, zombies eating the body from inside etc)
- the human body depicted as the monster's hiding place
- fetuses (zombie fetuses, mosnter fetuses)
- torn skin revealing a hidden monster (usually only the teeths, the claws and sometimes the eyes of the monster are visibles) eating the body from inside
- skeletons (the entire skeleton or just some parts - usually the skull and the hands) inside the body
- demons living inside the body

dark art biomechanical 3d tattoo on the back
3d tattoo on a women's back: a monster living inside the body

3d tattoo on the shoulder: a gate to another dimension
3d tattoo on the shoulder: a gate to another dimension?

Chucky, the killer puppet - 3d tattoo on the leg
3d tattoo: Chucky hiding inside a person's body

3d biomechanical tattoo: bionic child
biomechanical tattoo: a child (cyborg-child?) prisoner inside a human body

biomech tattoo: a 3d skull
3d tattoo on the shoulder: a human skull

3d biomechanical tattoo: a skeleton-tattoo on the arm
3d tattoo: a skeleton "living" inside someone's arm

3d monster tattoo
3d tattoo: a demon (or dragon?) head

3d tattoo: creepy teeth and creepy eyes
biomechanical tattoo: creepy teeth and eyes

3d tattoo on the forearm: fetus tattoo
a human fetus tattooed on the forearm

biomechanical / 3d tattoo: bionic fetus
biomechanical tatoo: a bionic fetus

3d biomechanical tattoo: a creepy fetus
biomechanical tattoo: an unnatural fetus

3d tattoo: horned demon
3d tattoo: a horned demon destroying the host body from within.

3d tattoo: Hulk's face
3d tattoo: Hulk's face tattooed on the shoulder and arm

3d tattoo: infected zombie bite
creepy tattoo: zombie bite

demon tattoo on the back
3d dark tattoo: a little demon (monster) living inside someone's body