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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dragons tattoos: designs and ideas

Hi, everyone.
In this post I'd like to present you the most recent tattoo gallery available on my website, www.seiza.ro: the Dragon tattoo designs gallery.

Dragons tattoo / heart tattoo / chinese writting tattoo

The first tattoo-design of this category is a tribal tattoo depicting two dragons forming a heart-shape. The text between the two dragons is written in Chinese and means "eternal love" or "everlasting love" (I think this text is quite appropriate for this tattoo-design, due to the fact that dragons were believed to be immortal creatures.

tribal dragon tattoo / heart tattoo / kanji tattoo

Next: a dragon coiled around a tribal heart. In the left side of the heart is I've written a japanese word: 智勇, which means "wisdom and courage" (in the ancient beliefs dragons were the symbol of both wisdom and courage).

lower back tattoo / tribal tattoo / japanese writing tattoo

The 3rd tattoo-design of this section is designed specifically for a lower-back tattoo. Between the two dragons is written a short text in Japanese: 龍の魂, which means "dragon's spirit" or "dragon's soul".

black and white tattoo / dragons tattoo / Yin Yang tattoo

Next: A tattoo design which depicts two dragons facing each other and the symbol Yin Yang in the background.

dragons tattoo / chinese writing tattoo: Year of the Dragon

The last image for today is a tattoo design which depicts two stylized dragons facing each other. Between the tho dragons is a slightly modified version of the Yin Yang symbol - instead of the two little inner circles I've written the Chinese word 龙年 - the Year of the Dragon.

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  1. nice dragon tattoos designs. These can make one's personality somewhat scary .