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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Butterfly tattoo design

A new tattoo design available on my website, www.seiza.ro. For this tattoo design I've combined some swirled elements with a tribal butterfly design. Because the butterfly is both a symbol of the ephemerality and a symbol of the joy of living I've also included a Japanese expression: 今を楽しめ (reading: ima o tanoshime; meaning: enjoy the present / the present moment; this expression is equivalent with the famous Latin maxim "Carpe Diem").

This tattoo design was drawn using Adobe Illustrator. If you like this tattoo design and you want to draw a similar one, you might find some useful informations in the tutorials available on my other blog, http://123-graphic-tutorials.blogspot.com

Butterfly tattoo design. If you like this tattoo design and you want to use it as an inspiration for a future tattoo, you can find it in a larger format on my web site www.seiza.ro

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