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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Butterfly tattoos meanings (2): Butterfly as bad womens

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Butterfly as bad womens

  • Giant black butterflies and moths are usually associated with bad luck, illness or even death.
  • In Scotland it is unlucky to keep or kill butterflies.
  • In England it is unlucky to kill the first butterfly you see, and it is a bad omen to see 3 butterflies together; also, seeing a butterfly at night is an omen of a coming death.
  • It he Middle Ages a large number of butterflies together were seen as a forecast of epidemics or wars (not a good idea for a tattoo).
  • The Celtic people believed seeing a butterfly at night was a prediction of death to follow.
  • In Bulgaria, the sight of a dark coloured butterfly meant sickness was soon to follow, while in other parts of Europe this same butterfly was an omen of thunderstorms to come.
  • In some parts of the USA a white butterfly meant an omen of death if it entered your house and flew around you, while in other parts a white butterfly in your signified a pending wedding. To those recently divorced both examples apply.
  • There are some cultures that believe butterflies are inhabited by the souls of those who can not enter the after-life (heaven), others believe they are the souls of unborn children.
  • In some areas the first butterflies of spring were hunted down and killed to preserve the luck of the area.
  • In the Philippines, a black butterfly or moth in the house would mean someone died or was about to die.
  • In Devonshire, people would traditionally rush around to kill the first butterfly of the year, or else face a year of bad luck.
  • Some people think that if a butterfly flies around you, it means a loved one has died.

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