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Sunday, April 13, 2014

My recommendations: the polish artists Sebastian and Milena Żmijewski

If you are looking for inspiration for a biomechanical / 3D tattoo I recommend you to visit this website: www.bloodyart.pl (don't worry, is translated in English). The sites belongs to Sebastian and Milena Żmijewski, two Polish brothers who run together their own business: a tattoo studio called “Bloody Art” in Gdansk, Poland. If you decide to visit Gdansk (which, by the way, is one most beautiful cities of Poland) and you want to get a really stunning tattoo you can pay them a visit.

Sebastian Żmijewski is an amazing artist with more than 20 years of experience in tattoo art. A versatile artist and capable of almost everything, his pieces of work include any type of tattoos. Sebastian favourites are portraits and photo realistic challenges and he is a god when it comes to black & grey and covers-up.

Milena Żmijewski is also an artist, with painting, drawing and graphics experience as well as make-up and interior design knowledge. She had been learning tattooing techniques from her brother since 2011 and she is an important component of his projects. Milena does some of the most detailed paintings which Sebastian carefully depicts into skin afterwards.

Below you can see several examples of Sebastian and Milena’s stunning tattoos. I've selected only a few images from their huge collection. For more images, visit the original photo-gallery at this address: http://www.bloodyart.pl/#tattoo

Full back biomechanical corset tattoo
A biomechanical corset tattoo

Fore-arm tattoo: mounted medieval knights
Forearm tattoo: mounted medieval knights

Cyborg tattoo on the lateral side of the body
Biomechanical tattoo covering the lateral side of the body

Biomechanical gun tattoo
Biomechanical tattoo: a gun loaded with monsters-bullets

Full-back tattoo: a medieval ship
Back-tattoo: a medieval ship

Biomechanical tattoo on the chest, shoulder and upper arm
Biomechanical tattoo covering a man's chest, shoulder and upper arm

Biomechanical tattoo on the leg
Biomechanical tattoo on the leg

Biomech tattoo on the leg: alien invasion
3D tattoo on the calf

3D tattoos: dark-art biomechanical tattoos
Biomechanical tattoos: alien infestation
Cyborg Tattoos photos
Biomechanical tattoos

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