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Thursday, September 25, 2014

One of the worst articles about Kanji/Hanzi tattoos I have ever read (2)

Hi, everyone! In this post I'll continue to highlight the errors that I've found in this absolutely ridiculous article.

Let's take a look at the picture above. This ideogram (loyal, loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness, devoted) is one of the most common chinese/japanese ideograms. Instead, Mrs Kaylee Smith (the author of the article) has nothing to say about this ideogram, except the fact that it has "a striking resemblance to a human face". It's obvious that the so-called "expert" has absolutely no idea about the significance of the ideogram (which, I repeat, is a very simple and a very well known one).

"...the love bond between sisters"?? Another wrong translation. In fact, first ideogram means "little sister" and the second ideogram means "forever", so the meaning of these two ideograms taken together could be something like "little sister forever"?? (I don't know this word and I couldn't find it in any dictionary).

"tattoo with the Chinese symbol and an year name in digits"??? Huh? Thit does not make much sense, right? Anyway, the ideogram means "tiger", not "Year of the Tiger".

A pretty ugly Kanji/Hanzi tattoo, some misspelled strokes, bla, bla, bla, this time I won't pay attention to details, because we have a huge translation-mistake here. Let's see what Mrs K.Smith says about the meaning of the ideograms: "Chinese symbols for luck, respect and strength". Oh, really? Where? On the first (horizontal) line we have "respect". On the second line we have "luck, fortune". But where could be the word which means "strength"?

And the last, but not the least mistake (the last because I got tired reading stupid article and comments, not because there wouldn't be other mistakes on creativefan). Mrs Kaylee says: "This triangular Chinese symbol series stands for mother, brotherhood and supermarket." C'mmon, Kaylee, "supermarket"??? Before seeing this post I was convinced that Mrs Kaylee is a very shallow person. Now, I doubt that she is a real person at all.

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