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Sunday, February 15, 2015

My tattoo-designs: Sagittarius written with Kanji / Hanzi

Hello, everyone! In this post I'd like to present you one of my tattoo-designs which combines the symbols of the zodiac sign of the Archer (a Centaurus and an arrow) with the Chinese / Japanese Characters for Sagittarius (constellation and sign of the zodiac):

Ideograms reading:
- in japanese: Kanji: 射手座; hiragana: いてざ; reading: iteza
- in chinese: Hanzi: 射手座; pinyin: shèshǒuzuò. In chinese there is also another word used for Sagitarius: Rénmǎzuò (traditional Chinese characters: 人馬座; simplified Chinese characters: 人马座).

For more zodiac tattoos visit my website - seiza.ro. If you use any of my tattoo-designs as a model / inspiration / starting-point for a tattoo you might consider sending me some photos of the tattoo once it's complete. Thank you in advance.

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