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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Attractive Chinese Symbol"? It might be attractive, but it's not chinese (or japanese)

If you are surfing on the internet in search for a so-called "Chinese/Japanese character tattoo" you might find this piece of garbage:
This tattoo-design is promoted on many websites, but, as you can see in the images below, no one would say what this symbol could mean. Of course, one can find tons of worthless descriptions such as "Match Your Character with Chinese Symbol Tattoos Chinese Symbol Tattoos For Body Girls .... Neck-Tattoo-Chinese-Symbol-Design-Ideas Tribal Chinese Symbol Side Neck Tattoo · Attractive Chinese Symbol Side Neck Tattoo · Chinese Symbol Tattoo On Neck", but not a single concrete translation of this symbol:

The reason behind those elusive explanations is the fact that the ideogram is so poorly written that it makes it unintelligible. In conclusion, don't use this distorted ideogram as a starting point for your Kanji/Hanzi tattoo.

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What possibly could be wrong with this tattoo?


  1. Man, i tatooed thing that doesnt mean anyyhing too.But i happy that its not swearword)

  2. OK SO
    i know chinese and this is just a really bad replication of the chinese character for 'love'

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  4. What is the meaning of this Kanji in Japanese .
    I can't understand this .

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