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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Failed tattoos

"If you can't spell, you should think twice before get a text tattooed on your body!" I think that this piece of advice should be written at the entrance of every tattoo parlor. Obviously, there are plenty of those who don't care about this simple rule.

misspelled tattoo on the forearm: I was mayd for you
Because of the misspelled word "mayd" the meaning of this tattoo is a bit ambiguous: it's a king of love statements or this person claims that he / she used to work for the so-called "Maid for you" company?

misspelled tattoo on the back: awsome
He's Awsome. Not awesome, only awsome. I could't find this word in the dictionary so I suppose that Awsome is his name. Now, if you meet this dude and he tries to impress you by showing off his awesome tattoo you should say something like that: "Hello, Awsome! Nice to meet you!"

failed tattoo: misspelled tattoo
... and she means it: she chose a ridiculous misspelled tattoo instead of a regular, boring one.

failed tattoo / misspelled tattoo: belive in myself
This dude belive in himself. Too bad you didn't believe in your teachers, mate! I bet they can spell a lot better than you

failed tattoo / misspelled tattoo: beliefe in dreams
"Beliefe" in dreams; too bad he / she doesn't believe in grammar.

failed tattoo / misspelled tattoo: belife makes things real
This is deep philosophy, indeed. How about this one: misspellings make tattoos to look really stupid

Anyway, if you think that a misspelled tattoo is the most embarrassing kind of tattoo, you're wrong. To hire a Scratcher (an amateur or unskilled tattoo artist) is a is a much better way to get an embarrassing tattoo. Just look at the next five photos and you'll totally agree witth me:

failed tattoo: ugly baby
Mummy's little adorable sweetest cutest creepy baby

failed tattoo: ugly little girl
Is something wrong with the artist who made the tattoo? Or maybe the tattoo is a very accurate image of the little girl's evil side.

failed tattoo: ugly little boy
Do you remember that old game "find 10 differences between two images. Here's an improved variant: find 100 differences between the photo and the tattoo. Or - even more difficult - try to find 3 similarities between the tattoo and the photo

failed tattoo: ugly woman
Well, unlike the previous images, this time I don't have a photo to compare with the tattoo, so I cannot say if the tattoo artist a really unskilled one, or - even worse - poor Wendy looks just like that.

failed tattoo: two ugly children
I suppose those lovely little children are Wendy's kids. If you're wondering who's Wendy look the image above :)

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  1. BAHAHA I love that u keep commenting too! pff... wendy's children... HA

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