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Monday, June 9, 2014

Butterflies tattoos: locations on the body for a butterfly tattoo

A butterfly tattoo can be placed everywhere on your body. Here are some popular locations for this kind of tattoo:

- in the lower-back: due to his symmetrical form, a butterfly design is considered a very suitable tattoo for this area; in this case it can be combined with various tribal elements
- on the wrist. The wrist is a perfect place, especially if you want a small tattoo. In this case the butterfly design can be combined with a bracelet tattoo
- on the ankle. Here, the tattoos can be hidden or shown depending on the occasion or your mood of the day. It can be integrated in a bigger tattoo (usually a floral tattoo) or can be used together with an ankle-bracelet tattoo
- upper arm and shoulder: these locations are preferred by men. A tribal design is very appropriate for these locations
- back: the back is a perfect location if you want a big tattoo
- nape: only for feminine tattoos. Ideal location for an elegant and sensual small-sized butterfly tattoo
- lower abdomen, pelvis and hip: these are some very appropriate locations if you want en erotic tattoo. Women and girls can choose a stylized butterfly, a tribal black butterfly or a coloured butterfly. For a man it'd be better to avoid a colourful butterfly in those body areas

Butterfly tattoo design for girls
Butterfly tattoo design for girls. A good choice for a hip tattoo or for an ankle tattoo.

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