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Saturday, June 21, 2014

This is NOT a Kanji / Hanzi tattoo. This is just a doodle.

Another hideous tattoo:

The two "items" which can be seen in the picture above could hardly be called "Kani" or "Hanzi". This is not Sousho/Cǎoshū (=the flowing cursive style of calligraphy). Is not even Gyousho/Xíngshū (=the semi-cursive style of calligraphy). In fact, it isn't cursive at all. And no one could ever say that these two characters are written in Kaisho/Kǎishū style (=regular writing).

And, to make things worse, the second character is missing several strokes.
In conclusion, this is just a doodle. A mirrored doodle, to be more precise.

For comparison, in the image below you can see the same word (真愛 = true love) written in Kǎishū style (Kǎishū means "regular writing" in Chinese; I don't use the japanese term - Kaisho - because 真愛 has a different meaning in Japanese - it doesn't mean "true love", it's a feminine name).

Chinese writing: true love. This image belongs to www.tattoo-rose.com

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