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Thursday, July 24, 2014

One of the worst articles about Kanji/Hanzi tattoos I have ever read (1)

If you are looking for inspiration for a Hanzi/Kanji tattoo you should avoid this website: creativefan.com and especially the articles written by "kayleesmith". This person has absolutely no idea about Chinese/Japanese writing system, but this didn't stop her to write an article full of ridiculous opinions and meaningless advices, with the stated goal of making "you more informed about the subject" (see the printscreen below).

Now, after we've seen the introduction, let's see what is wrong with this article:

meaningless Hanzi tattoo
Creativefan says about this tattoo: "Twin chinese symbols". No way, first character means "place, location" or "banquet, classifier for banquets" and the second one means "dog".

hanzi tattoo fails
Creativefan says about this tattoo: "Chinese symbol for bike". Nope, this is just a a horrible variant of the chinese character 成 (chéng) which means "to finish / to complete / to accomplish / to become / to turn into". The comment written by Mrs/Ms Kaylee is a clear proof that she doesn't even have basic knowledge of Chinese/Japanese language, because 成 is one of the most important Hanzi/Kanji and is used in hundreds of different common words. On the other hand, this ideogram is so poorly written that it looks more like a severely damaged bike rather than the original ideogram.

Kanzi tattoo on the nape
Creativefan says about this tattoo: "This tattoo, created on the center of the back, is a Chinese symbol for horse which is looking cute" No, is just the British/American name "Mark" transcribed in Chinese

failed kanji tattoo
This Hanzi/Kanzi is missing several strokes, but the author of the article didn't notice it. Read more about this tattoo here

failed - meaningless kanji / hanzi tattoo
What?? "hard-pressed/to be troubled/to be worried" + "personal/private" +"beautiful". It has no sense at all. So, Mrs./Ms. Kaylee, can you explain why anyone would become "addicted" to this non-sense?

failed tattoo: kanji written upside down
First character is distorted; the second character is distorted and is written upside down. Once again, Ms. Kaylee missed the point.

failed kanji tattoo: kanji with missing strokes
The second character is poorly written and is missing a stroke, but the author of the article didn't notice. Instead, she talks about "the colorful stars"

Since there are too many mistakes in this article to be covered in just one post, I'll stop here but I'll definitely be back on this topic.

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