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Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Be the change!" tattoo. This is a really good advice. You should start with the tattoo itself!

Despite the many positive reviews which can be seen on the Internet (see the PrintScreen below), this tattoo is not a "cool Hanzi tattoo" or a "Chinese symbol tattoo" or a "cool wrist tattoo" or anything else of this kind. In fact this is nothing else than another failed Kanji/Hanzi tattoo drawn by someone who doesn't know anything about Chinese/Japanese writing.

And definitely this deformed ideogram does not mean "bike", as some people think, despite the fact that the ideogram is so poorly written that it looks more like a severely damaged bike rather than the original ideogram (成 - Chinese pronunciation:"chéng", japanese pronunciation:"naru/nasu/joo/sei"; meaning: "to finish / to complete / to accomplish / to become / to turn into / to change into"). In the image below you can see what this ideogram should look like:

In the end I have a piece of advice for the guy who wear this tattoo: dude, if you want to be the change or to be a part of the great change (as your tattoo suggests), you should start the change with this ridiculous tattoo.

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